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Are You Sceptical About NLP?

You are right to be sceptical about anything you know nothing about.  I was very sceptical about Neuro Linguistic Programming before I went on my first 7-Day NLP Licensed Practitioner Course back in 2006.

At The Scottish Institute of NLP, we welcome sceptics because it's often those people who experience the greatest shift in cognition (how they think).

It sounded like the biggest load of hocus pocus I'd ever come across.

The best way to dispel your scepticism is to tell you about myself, my co-trainer and the people we've trained over the years and the huge positive difference NLP has made to their personal and professional lives.


Firstly, people often tell me that they don't believe in NLP.  That's just as well, because there is nothing to believe in.

You see, learning NLP puts you in charge of your own brain and your own thinking.  It teaches you how to ask questions when you hear things that just don't seem right.  It makes buying things a whole lot easier too, because you're equipped to cut through the sales nonsense easily.

Learning NLP also makes it easier to know your own mind, trust your own gut feelings and therefore your own judgement.  You feel better about yourself once you start learning NLP and understand much better how to manage your own frame of mind.

I used to get panic attacks in the middle of the night.  After learning NLP, these stopped.

I used to think I would never meet a decent man who was right for me.  After learning NLP I found the right decent man for me and now we're happily married.

I used to think my earning capacity was limited.  Now, I know NLP, I know it's unlimited.

I used to worry what other people thought of me (including people I didn't know very well or know at all) and now I know that what I think about myself is so much more important.  I don't worry about anyone else's thoughts about me now (except my closest loved ones, whose opinion I respect).

The best thing for me, about learning NLP is that I absolutely know with certainty that whatever I put my mind to, I can do, which gives me total freedom to explore the world in ways in which I want to explore it.

This has led me to establishing and running my own coaching and training business.  Becoming a Licensed Trainer of NLP and training people like you in NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner.  I've written two books, one of which is published (How To Outshine The Rest, available on Amazon) and I still have time to learn Yoga, Krav Maga, cook for my family most nights and enjoy a good work life balance.

Don't just take my word for it though:

Claire attended our 7-Day Licensed NLP Practitioner Course in 2013, she's a mum of two, runs her own business and is married.  She came to us wanting to be a better mum and to win more business.  Within weeks of completing the course, the orders for her service came in thick and fast.  A year after our course, she told us how much better she was getting on with her husband and her kids.

Steve is the CEO of a rapidly growing business, he attended our 7-Day Licensed NLP Practitioner Course in 2014, wanting to improve his leadership skills.  He achieved that convincingly and within six months had won a very important contract for his business, which took it to the next level of expansion.  He also learned to appreciate his personal life more, finding a contentment he'd not experienced for a long time.

Graham joined our 7-Day Licensed NLP Practitioner course in 2014 too because he'd lost his passion for the business he was in.  He was struggling to focus or be motivated to do what he knew he needed to do.  In other words, he'd lost his 'mojo'.  After attending our course, he's now running a larger and more successful business and is doing the kind of work he actually enjoys.

Finally, Barbara came to learn NLP with us in 2013.  She'd been through a tough three years with a combination of bereavements and family illness.  She'd also lost the job she loved and had been doing for many years.  She came to our course, exhausted and very negative about her future.  She left after 7 days looking ten years younger, with more energy than she had had in years and with a very positive outlook on her future.

The best way to know about NLP is to learn for yourself.

    Rebecca Bonnington    

Rebecca Bonnington and Colette Grant both train with Dr Richard Bandler, the genius behind NLP and the LaValle's in the USA and London.  Together, Rebecca and Colette run The Scottish Institute of NLP, maintaining the highest standards of training and continually developing their own skills.  They teach NLP the way Bandler designed it to be taught and are both Licensed by The Society of NLP, the only NLP association endorsed by Dr Richard Bandler himself.

Colette Grant is a Master Business Practitioner and Master Bodywork Practitioner of NLP as well as a Licensed Trainer.  Rebecca Bonnington has a Master's degree in Coaching and is also a Master Practitioner of NLP and a Licensed Trainer.

Come and learn NLP with Colette and Rebecca, simply click on to learn more and book your place.

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